Here is a look at the bikes I've been building up over the past couple of years. I started out restoring my 85' Hutch Trickstar, and ended up owning four other bikes that I always wanted. I don't build bikes to stock specifications, but rather how I would've modified them from thier original state. All of these bikes are ridden, by myself and some lucky friends. It's good to know that technology from the "Old School" can still take a beating! The 84' Sport is a project bike that I bought for Mark to replace the one he used to own that "went missing" sometime in the early 90's. The 86' Hutch Trickstar is Marks new bike that he's built up to ride, and will replace a couple of parts to make it his perfect setup later.
1988 Hutch Trickstyler Limited Edition

The Trickstyler is fun to ride. Although it's built on the Trickstar geometery, it's a totally different bike. It shares the stable feel of a flatland machine, but is much heavier than the Trickstar due to all the extra tubing. I built this bike up from a F/F and slowly found the parts for it. It's got some parts on it that I would've changed from the original equipment like the Z-48's, the Jive Handles, and the ACS levers. The other parts are not stock specs because of avalibility/price issues. I'm not putting Hutch freestyle pedals with gold plated cages on here and a gold plated Hutch Pro stem is just a bit ridiculously priced these days, and forget about finding some Hutch freestyle tires in black for under 150 bucks.
FRAME/FORK- Hutch Trickstyler
        24 K Limited Edition
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2
STEM- SR Spin Tech
BARS- Hutch Bad bars
GRIPS- Jive Handles
SEAT- Hutch Hi-Caliber
POST- Odyssey layback
CLAMP- Hutch 24k gold plated
CRANKS- Peregrine 175mm
BB- Tioga BB 220
PEDALS- MKS Graphite X (Not shown)
DISK- Pro-Neck power
CHAIN- Izumi
RING- Tuf-Neck 44 tooth
BOLTS- Odyssey
FRONTBRAKE- Dia-Compe 883
REARBRAKE- Dia-Compe 990
BRAKEPADS- Skyway FS Tuff pads
RIMS- ACS Z-48's
FRONTHUB- Joytech sealed
REARHUB- ACS RL Edge freecoaster
SPOKES- Gold plated
TIRES- Tioga Comp ST .175
TRICK STUFF- Hutch Freestyle pegs

1985 Hutch Trickstar

This has been in my possesion since late 86' when I bought it from my friend Mark. I broke my 86' Purple Reign frame/fork and wanted another Trickstar so I got this beauty which was made here locally in Pasadena, Maryland. When I restored this bike and sat on it for the first ride, it was like being reunited with an old friend. I'm so comfortable on this set up it's just wrong. I'm more comfortable riding this than I am walking...! I've always ran this basic set up although the original build had the ACS RL Edge rims, an ACS Rotor 45 stem, white CW freestyle tires, Jive Handles grips and a Peregrine disk.

FRAME/FORK- 85' Hutch Trickstar
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2 FS
STEM- Hutch FS Pro w/ ACS Pro Rotor
BARS- Hutch "Woody Itson"
GRIPS- ODI Longnecks
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 77
SEAT- Viscount Dominator
POST- Dyno Drainpipe
CLAMP- Hutch
CRANKS- Odyssey Excalibur 175mm
BB- Odyssey Dynatron
PEDALS- MKS Graphite-X
CHAIN- Izumi
RING- Sugino 43 tooth
BOLTS- Odyssey
BRAKES- Dia-Compe 883 F/R
PADS- Dia-Compe F/R
RIMS- ACS Z-48's
FRONT HUB-Sansin sealed
REAR HUB- Suntour C/B w/ Freecoaster
TIRES- Tioga Comp ST 1.75

1987 Hutch Windstyler

This is the newest addition to my Hutch collection and completes the Freestyle trilogy of bikes made by Hutch that I wanted. I picked this up for cheap and already had the blue Woody bars to go along with it. The rest of the parts were in my shed just waiting for a bike like this. It's fun to ride and is actually kinda close in feel to the Trickstar. My only gripe is the rear standing loops are a bit too far forward and my heels hit them when I pedal. Other than that it's a welcome addition and will get lots of use. I'm looking for a Hutch spider and chainring for this.

FRAME/FORK- 87' Hutch Windstyler
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2
STEM- ACS Rotor 45 w/ ACS Pro Rotor
BARS- Hutch "Woody Itson"
GRIPS- Jive Handles
LEVERS- Odyssey RX-3
SEAT- Viscount Dominator
POST- Stylizer
CRANKS- Odyssey Excalibur 175mm
BB- Tioga BB-220
PEDALS- KHE Stimulatorz
DISK- Pro Neck
CHAIN- Izumi
RING- Tracer 42 tooth
BOLTS- Odyssey
FRONT BRAKE- Dia-Compe 883
REAR BRAKE- Dia-Compe 901
PADS- Skyway FS Tuff pads F/R
RIMS- Ukai 48's
FRONT HUB-Suzue sealed
REAR HUB- Suntour C/B w/ Freecoaster
TIRES- Haro Multi-surface 3 1.85
PEGS- GT tube rides

Hutch Pro Racer

Ok, I bought this frame/fork on Ebay for 75.00 if you can believe it. I wasn't sure if it was really a Pro Racer but took the sellers description to be true. When I received it the first thing I did was measure the top tube of course. It's 19.5 inches from the center of the headtube to the center of the seat tube and the wheel base is 36 1/4- 37 3/4 inches long, plus it has the slack headtube angle. It's pre-serial number and pre-Nora Cup stickers so who knows what year it really is. It's built to go fast regardless of the year or model it is. I would love to get a set of 85' GT Pro bars to replace the no-name ones. This is a fun bike to ride and is so ridiculously light and fast.
FRAME/FORK- Hutch Pro Racer
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2/SST Dirt Skirt
STEM- Pro Neck
BARS- "Made in USA" (Unknown make)
GRIPS- Oakely F-1's w/ Flite Donuts
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 3
SEAT- Kashimax Aero
POST- Hutch layback
CLAMP- Hutch
CRANKS- Peregrine 175mm
CHAIN- Izumi
DISK- Tuf Neck Power
RING- Sugino MX 44 tooth
BOLTS- Odyssey
BRAKES- Dia-Compe MX 901 F/R
PADS- Kool Stop F/R
Front Hub- Suzue hi-flange
Rear Hub- Shimano hi-flange
Rims- Araya 7X
Spokes- DT
Freewheel- Shimano MX 16 tooth
TIRES- Mitsuboshi Comp III 1.75
PLATE- Hutch
PADS- California Lite checkered

1986 Haro Sport

My trusty 86' Haro Sport has been built up to be a replica of the stock specifications that were offered when new. I've upgraded a few things to make it my ultimate build and changed the color on a couple of parts as well to suit my taste. The finished result is my new favorite bike to ride and look at.
FRAME/FORK- 1986 Haro Sport
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2 FS/Dirt Skirt
STEM- Haro Group 1 FS w/ ACS Rotor
BARS- Haro Freestyle 86'
GRIPS- A'me Rounds with Oakley donuts
LEVERS- Dia-Compe 128
SEAT- Viscount Dominator Pro
POST- Haro fluted
CLAMP- Dia-Compe hinged
CRANKS- Sugino chro-mo 175mm
BB- Tioga SB-220
PEDALS- MKS Graphite-X
DISK- Anlun
CHAIN- Izumi
RING- Haro Uni-Directional 44 tooth
BOLTS- Odyssey
BRAKES- Dia-Compe 883 F/R
PADS- Dia-Compe
WHEELS- Peregrine Master
         Suntour Coaster Brake
TIRES- Haro FS-175

85' Skyway Streetbeat

I picked this F/F up recently when all those "raw" unfinished F/F sets were going cheap. I hadn't ever ridden one so I figured I make some good use of a set of black Tuff 2's I had laying around and build a bike around them using this F/F set. I spray painted the F/F and clear coated it myself. I only had to purchase a couple of items to complete this bike since I had tons of stuff laying around in my stash. It's fun to ride and SUPER light. I have to run Haro Multi-surface 3's on the Tuff Wheels just so I can run 50 - 60 PSI in the tires and have them stay on the mags.

FRAME/FORK- 85' Skyway Streetbeat
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2 FS
STEM- ACS Rotor 45 w/ ACS Rotor
BARS- Skyway EZ
GRIPS- A'me Rounds
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 77's
SEAT- Viscount Dominator
POST- Odyssey
CLAMP- Dia-Compe
CRANKS- Odyssey Excalibur 175
BB- Tioga BB-220
DISK- Tuf Neck
PEDALS- MKS Graphite X
CHAIN- Izumi
RING- Pro Neck 44 tooth
BOLTS- Odyssey
FRONTBRAKE- Dia-Compe 900
BRAKE PADS- Skyway FS Tuff front/rear
REARBRAKE- Dia-Compe 883
RIMS- Skyway Tuff 2's
Suntour 48 CB rear
TIRES- Haro Multisurface 3 .175
PEGS- Peregrine front
      Tioga Roll-ons Rear

82' Redline MX-II

I picked this F/F up off of the DC Craigslist for super cheap and sold off the parts that came on it to get this for free. It's a perfect starter bike for when my son is big enough to ride a 20 incher. Lot's of parts were donated to the cause and I'll be sure that my son knows who gave what. It's a small frame and the bars were cut so it's a perfect fit for a little guy. Can't wait until he can ride it.

FRAME- 82' Redline MX-II
HEADSET- Tange Motocross
BARS- Redline W/ Cali Lite pad
GRIPS- A'me Tri's
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 3 (Not Shown)
SEAT- Haro Fusion
CLAMP- Excalibur
CRANKS- Sugino Maxy Cross 165
BB- Tange
PEDALS- KKT Lightening
CHAIN- Team Cycle
RING- Sugino
BOLTS- Sugino
REARBRAKE- Dia-Compe 901 (Not Shown)
RIMS- Ukai shiny sides
TIRES- Tioga Comp 3 2.125

Hoffman Big Daddy

This is the newest addition to my collection thanks to Brett Downs. I Traded my 87' Master F/F for the Big Daddy F/F and transfered most of the parts over to it. It is built up as my daily rider. The parts came from all over the place and most were given to me free. Much thanks to all who donated parts to make this bike happen!

FRAME/FORK- Hoffman Big Daddy
BARS- Standard Bullit
GRIPS- Morales signature
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 77's
POST- Odyssey snake
CLAMP- Peregrine
CRANKS- GT Power series
BB- Tioga BB-220
PEDALS- MKS Graphite X
RING- Sugino Mongoose 42 tooth
BRAKE PADS- Skyway FS Tuff front
            Kool Stop Canti rear
REARBRAKE- Dia-Compe 990
RIMS- Sun Rhino-lite
HUBS- WTP Pi front /Suntour 48 CB rear
TIRES- Haro Multisurface 3 2.125
PEGS- Primo

1986 Hutch Trickstar

This is the Trickstar I got for Mark by selling his Redline RL-20 II frame/fork. I was gonna keep this frame/fork and build it up but wanted him to have it instead. I donated the seat, stem, and disk from my chrome Trickstar since I had bought all those new parts for it. This bike will soon have KHE Stimulatorz pedals (MKS Graphite X copies) and a black/silver Hutch sypder with a black Takagi 42 tooth sprocket. It's a super nice Trickstar and I'm glad it's in the family.
FRAME/FORK- 86' Hutch Trickstar
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2
STEM- ACS Rotor 45
BARS- Hutch "Bad Bars"
GRIPS- A'me Tri
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 77
SEAT- Viscount Dominator
POST- Odyssey layback
CLAMP- Tange
CRANKS- Odyssey Excalibur 175mm
BB- Odyssey Dynatron
PEDALS- KHE Stimulatorz
CHAINRING- Sugino 43 tooth
CHAIN- Sedis sport
BRAKES- Dia-Compe 883 F/R
PADS- Skyway Freestyle Tuff F/R
RIMS- Araya 7X 48's
FRONT HUB-Suzue sealed
REAR HUB- Suntour C/B
TIRES- GT 2.125 Freestyle

1984 Haro Sport

I bought this bike part by part for Mark to replace the one he owned that was "lost" sometime in the early 90's. I found this frame/fork on Ebay and got it for I think 125.00 from a shop in West Virginia who had it since 84'. They had built it up and it didn't sell so they took it apart that fall and put the frame/fork back in the box and down into the basement it went until 2002 when I bought it. I sent it to his shop where he worked and it blew his mind. I had him make up a wish list of what the setup would be and started sending parts his way. He built this up as a replica to the one Rich Sigur rode around the 84'-85' years.It still needs a chain, but this isn't going to be a rider so it's probably best that doesn't have a functioning drivetrain. He has a blue Haro Flo panel and blue Skyway FS Tuff pads to put on still.
FRAME/FORK- 84' Haro Sport
HEADSET- Tioga Beartrap 2
STEM- GT Billet
BARS- Redline Flight
      (straight crossbar)
GRIPS- Oakely B1-B's
LEVERS- Dia-Compe Tech 3
SEAT- CyclePro Shotgun 2
POST- Odyssey layback
CLAMP- Dia-Compe MX hinged
CRANKS- Redline Flight 401 175mm
CHAIN- Izumi (not pictured)
RING- Sugino Flight
PEDALS- KHE Stimulatorz
BRAKES- Dia-Compe MX 1000 F/R
PADS- Skyway Tuff Freestyle F/R
WHEELS- Skyway Tuff 2's C/B
TIRES- Mitsuboshi Comp ST 2.125
PLATE- Haro Flo Panel (not pictured)

1974 Libertas

1974 Libertas Roadbike Mini with 14" X 1 3/8" (350 X 32) wheels! I restored this bike for my sister-in-law who has owned it since she was a child. It is the only one I've ever seen and let me tell you it wasn't easy finding Michelin Tires in 14" X 1 3/8" sizing. The original Pnuematici Clements were dry as a bone and practically cracked off the rim. This is my favourite project bike so far as it was the most challenging to find parts for. I used Cinelli cork tape to wrap the handlebars and rebuilt the hubs and the Weinmann brakes back to working order. I taped off the stickers and repainted the frame/fork since I couldn't get another sticker set.

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